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Consistently generate new inquiries for your business and turn them into high-value paying customers who value quality over price.

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Raise your hand if any of the following scenarios sound familiar to you:

Are you having trouble scoring leads via lead platforms? Are you still fighting over the same low-quality leads that were sold to 5 other companies? When you finally call them and get a hold of them, they have already lost interest and are only looking for the cheapest quote.

Feeling stuck trying to make your marketing work? You have no idea where to focus your marketing efforts. Maybe you've tried Facebook Ads, SEO and even invested in a shiny new website that didn't deliver the expected returns.

Did your previous marketing agency leave you worse off? You paid “professionals” to help you, but all you got were excuses, confusing marketing reports, and an empty pipeline with no new work. Plus, they still expected you to pay their monthly bill.
Are the requests you receive all spam or time wasters? Of the leads you receive, the majority never answer your calls, they don't remember contacting you, or the ones that do show interest live in a totally wrong location that's too far away.

If you've raised your hand, the 30-day trial period is made for YOU.

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We work without contracts, only on results.

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Consistently get more work from the clients you want

Ready for a consistent and predictable flow of ready-to-buy requests? Get 100% exclusive requests from people who would like to work with YOUR company.
Ready to ask what you're worth and stop competing on price? Position yourself as the trusted local expert and choose the jobs that YOU want.
Ready to take a step back and work ON your business? Start spending more time growing your team and building a company you can be proud of.
Ready to relax knowing your marketing is delivering a profitable return? And feel in control of your business, knowing everything runs smoothly.

Attract your ideal customers with Google Ads

Are you ready to take on more work and want to be known as the go-to company in your local area?

Do you want to quickly bring your company to the attention of thousands of potential customers who are actively looking for the services your company offers? This results in new calls and requests from people when they need you most.

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Landing page

Converting landing pages that triple your requests

Do you want to double or triple the number of requests you receive without spending more on advertising?

80% of your success with Google Ads is the landing page. We take what makes you superior to your competition and build a proven landing page that can double or even triple the number of requests you receive without having to spend a cent more on advertising.

Lead tracking & analysis

Optimize on qualified leads and closed deals

Go beyond just counting leads – not every lead is the same so analyze their profitability and impact on revenue.

By identifying which leads convert into sales and closed deals, you'll discover which campaigns and keywords are generating qualified leads and which are falling short. This crucial insight allows you to invest in what works and eliminate waste in your advertising budget.

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High Converting Landing Pages

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Companies like yours hire us because…

They don't know how to set up and manage effective Google Ads campaigns

They don't know what strategies to use or which channel to advertise through

They know how to do it, but don't have time to manage

They have (or had) bad experiences with another agency

They have tried and failed due to lack of knowledge

They want to be completely unburdened in the field of lead generation

View our reviews

Google Ads Management

Verhuismeesters went from €58.87 average cost per conversion to €26.05 average cost per conversion in less than 90 days


Moving.nl went from €0/month Google revenue to over €43,000/month Google revenue in less than 365 days


ZSM House Clearance went from 5 house clearance requests/month to 5 house clearance requests/day


NJ went from $0/month Google revenue to over $340,000/month Google revenue in less than 120 days


This supplement brand went from $100k/month Google revenue to $220k/month Google revenue in less than 60 days.


MDS went from $0/month Google revenue to $110,000/month Google revenue in 1 year.


This brand is on track to achieve over $1,000,000 in Google revenue with less than $100,000 in ad spend in 6 months.


SNL went from $40,000/month Google revenue to $100,000/month Google revenue in 90 days.


LSF went from $290k/month Google revenue to $462,000/month Google revenue in 30 days.


ST went from $26k/month Google revenue to $280,000/month Google revenue in 5 months.


SSK went from $2.4 million/month Google revenue to $3.9 million/month Google revenue in 45 days.

Google Ads Calculator

Google Ads campaign


Your sales figures



Discover your growth potential with our Google Ads Calculator

Do you dream of taking your online presence to new heights? Stop guessing and start growing! Our Google Ads calculator is your secret weapon to explode your advertising budget into results.

Do you need help completing the Google Ads calculator? Send a message via the WhatsApp button at the bottom right of this page.

Why use a Google Ads calculator?

  1. Crystal clear ROI predictions: no more vague guesses! See at a glance how much your investment can yield.
  2. Smarter advertising, grow faster: discover how you can turn every euro of your budget into real money.
  3. Visualize your growth dream: see at a glance how your business can flourish with the right Google Ads strategy.

Picture this: you, leaning back confidently, knowing that your advertising budget is working hard for you. We wish you that feeling!

Outsource Google Ads?

Let us be your guide into the wild world of Google Ads. As seasoned Google Ads specialists at Adaptoo.nl, we are eager to make your digital dreams come true.

Grab your chance now! Contact us today and let us shape your online success together. Your growth is our goal – let's make it happen!

Do you suffer from visibility and growth problems?

Don't know how to attract new customers?
Do your potential customers not know you yet?
Don't know how to continue growing?
Can't you arrange customer acquisition yourself?
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We work without contracts, only on results.